Transforming Driving Into A Learning Experience

You're Paying Too Much For Insurance

FairStart takes young drivers and teaches them to become safer drivers, providing the first affordable car insurance for the 20 million drivers under the age of 25.

Machine Learning FeedBack

FairStart uses machine learning to automatically give feedback to drivers and make them safer. 

FairStart Academy

The FairStart Academy takes young drivers and accelerates the learning process for them creating fewer teen accidents and saving lives.

Smart Premiums

FairStart collects data on drivers to only insure good drivers and give the most accurate premiums.

How It Works

FairStart’s technology is rooted in proven behavioral psychology and learning principles. The FairStart app provides feedback to drivers, showing them when they are driving safely and not and explaining why. Over time, FairStart iteratively teaches them to become better drivers. 


The FairStart driving data is used both to provide instructive feedback but also to adjust insurance rates. FairStart turns driving into a competitive online educational experience, with financial benefits for improved driving skill and safety. FairStart supplements the online driving feedback with high-quality online and in-person driving skill development courses.

What's Possible With FairStart


Lives Saved Per Year


Injuries Avoided Per Year

$7.2 billion

Economic Losses Avoided Each Year